Ahn Lu (アイン・ルー Ain Rū) is a character from the Mai-Otome anime series. She is a Meister OtomeShe is voiced by Ryouko Shintani.

Otome of An NamEdit

Perso ein
Ahn is the king of An Nam's Otome and also his daughter.


Ahn's Gem is the Infinite Wisdom Azurite
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Robe & ElementEdit

Mai Otome Anh Lu 3
Ahn's robe has got the same colours as her Otome outfit.
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Her element is a double-ended halberd.


Ahn was the pearl no. 1 und Shizuru and Haruka were her room attendants.

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She is the daughter and Meister of the king of An Nam Nguyễn Bảo and serves alongside Meisters Haruka Armitage (from Aries) and Carla Bellini (of Lutesia Romolus) during the battle to reclaim Garderobe and Windbloom from forces loyal to Artai's leader Nagi Dai Artai.
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She helps to hold back the Harmonium Nina durind the last and the  before last episode.

Mai-Otome ZweiEdit

Arika is in the bath with several of the other Otome, but her thoughts dwell on going to look for Mashiro. Mahya
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points out that Arika was arguing with Mashiro before and questions what Arika will do if she finds Mashiro. Since Arika is unsure, Chie and Laura tell her that everyone is worried, but it’s unclear what they can do and what they should do, so for now they should
Mai-Otome Zwei - 03 - Large 06
rest. Ahn gets to drink alcohol and when Arika tries to sneak out of the bath to go and search for Mashiro Mahya takes away her bikini top. Arika runs after Mahya triying to get her top back when Ahn catches her
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and tells her that she's as cute as her breasts. Then Ahn wants everyone to take off their bikinis but Arika stops her from taking off her own but in one motion Ahn takes off all the tops from the Meister Otome making them scream and leaving Kazuya watching. Later she fights one of the Childs which appear all over the world.