Laura Bianchi
First appearance Unknown
Voiced by Kikuko Inoue
Affiliation Lutesia Remus
Master The Queen of Lutesia Remus
GEM Flowery Splendour Enstatite
Age ca.25
Laura Bianchi is a character from the Mai-Otome anime series. She is Voiced by Kikuko Inoue.

Otome of Lutesia RemusEdit

She is Lutesia Remus' Otome.


Laura's GEM is the Flowery Splendour Enstatite. It's not shown once.

Robe & ElementEdit 2436 sample
Perso laura
Laura's robe is mostly black and white. She uses a scimitar as her Element.


Laura is a delighted and elegant Otome who serves her Master with loyalty.

She was in the same class as Natsuki and Mai. Her room attendant was Rosalie.

Mai-Otome - 25, 26 - Large 17
Durng Artai's attack she fights together with the Valkyries because her
Master forms an alliance with Artai. She is convinced she has to follow her Master's ordern, no matter what.

When Schwarz starts the Valyries system and the Otomes dematerialize she realises that Artai has betrayed them and later helps to hold back the Harmonium Nina.

Mai-Otome ZweiEdit

PDVD 002-13
She first appears in Episode 3 where she's in the baths with several other Otomes. Since Arika is unsureabout finding Mashiro, Chie and Laula tell her that everyone is worried, but
it’s unclear what they can do and what they should do, so for now they should rest.  When Ahn gets drunk and takes everyone's bikinitops Laura is one off the few to maintain hers.

In Episode 4 she fights the childs which spread all over the world.