Mahya is a character from the Mai-Otome anime series.She is voiced by Yumiko Kobayashi.

5th ColumnEdit

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Mahya is the 5th of the five columns who work for Garderobe and listen to Fumi Himeno as their master.



She is the wielder of the Swirling Dance Fluorite.

Robe & ElementEdit

Mahya Blythe
Mahya's robe has an oriental looking style. She uses a pair of maracas to summon an immense creature composed of sand and
earth that fights for her, shaking her maracas and dancing as a way to control the creature.


She first appears in episode 24, arresting Akane after Kazuya was carried
away by Cardair forces.

Her next appearance is in episode 26 when she and Akane help Shiho , Nao and Sara defeat the Slaves in front of the castle of Windbloom after they launched from Kazuya's Ship

Mai-Otome ZweiEdit

Mahya appears in episode 3 when some of  the Otome are in the bath. in the mountainous regions. Arika's thoughts dwell on going to look for Mashiro. Mahya points out that Arika was arguing with Mashiro before and questions
Mai-Otome Zwei - 03 - Large 04
what Arika will do if she finds Mashiro. Since Arika is unsure, Chie and Laula tell her that everyone is worried, but it’s unclear what they can do and what they
Mai-Otome Zwei - 03 - Large 05
should do, so for now they should rest. The girls then proceed to have some fun in the form of Mahya breaking apart Akane and Kazuya, Shiho arguing with Rosalie, Mahya running away with Arika’s bikini top,
and finally Anh Lu – who is drunk – proposing that they all strip and then taking off everyone’s tops.

Later she fights the Childs which spread all over the planet.