Write the first paragraph of your page here. She could be the biological Mother of Mashiro Blan de Windbloom. She could be fall in Love with Bel Glan Dai Artai and Mashiro was the fruit of there love. In her nature, you'll see Mashiro to her.

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A princess of the nation of Taiyuan, Sakura serves Bel Glan Artai asMeister Otome. She is first seen with her Master aboard a vessel (he is not pictured during this scene). They are later seen monitoring a battle together. Earlier, she was shown challenging Old Man Okuzaki to a bet, after he had cleaned out Bruce Blan de Windbloom II.

She is a former senpai of Lena Sayers and Elliot Chandler atGarderobe and classmate of Raquel Mayol. She does not appear to be held in high regard by the Principal, Una Shamrock.

Her surname and character design coincide with Mai-Otome Saga'sAyane Hazakura, leading the the probability that Sakura is descended from this character - albeit Ayane's GEM was passed down to Lena Sayers, with Sakura wielding the Stormy Sakura Chrysoberyl.

Sakura Hazakura
Character Information
Allegiance: Artai
Master: Bel Glan Artai
GEM: Stormy Sakura Chrystobel
Age: 17
Height: 150 cm (4' 9.2")
Weight: 42 kg (92.59 lbs.)
B/W/H: 78/54/76


Her Gem is the Stormy Sakura Chrysoberyl, it isn't shown but it would possibly look like this.