Una Shamrock is a character from the Mai-Otome 0 ~S.ifr~ series.

4th ColumnEdit

Una shamroch
Una was the second column and headmistress of Garderobe during the days of Sifr Fran.


She is the wielder of the Bewitching Smile Amethyst before Shizuru is.

Robe & ElementEdit

Una shamrock1
Her robe is identical to Shizuru's robe yet her element isn't.
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While Shizuru's element is a double-ended sword with curved blades that extend into whip-like chains, Una's element is a normal sword with the same abbility as Shizuru's.

Mai-Otome 0 ~S.ifr~Edit

[[Elliot Chandler|
Mai-Otome 0~S-vertu
Elliot]] is on the phone with Garderobe headmistress Una Shamrock, and Una – citing their duty to maintain order as the Shinso Fumi’s Otome – instructs Elliot to kill Sifr if she falls into Schwarz hands. When Lena fights M9 Sifr is caught by John Smith. Remembering what Una had instructed her to do in this situation, Elliot tries to attack Sifr and John Smith, but Rena breaks free of M-9′s grasp and protects them before Elliot’s giant boomerang can

In episode 2 Una is starting to move and take care of Sifr herself. She takes the other columns, except for Elliot, with her and follows Schwarz in order to kill Sifr.

She orderes Iruma to attack the rocket, where Sifr sits in, but Elliot
Mai-Otome 0~S.ifr~ - 02 - Large 40
and Raquel prevent her from killing Sifr. Afterwards Lena rescues Sifr from Schwarz using all her power to defeat M9. She rests when the battle is finally over but Una and the other Columns attack them
in order to eliminate Sifr. Una even goes so far as to deauthorize Elliot as the Galactamarine to attack Sifr. Luckily Lena wakes up and faces Una who tells her to surrender and abandon Sifr so she would spare Elliot and Raquel. Una also says Lena doesn't stand a chance without a robe
whereupon Lena answers she has got a robe. Lena summons Artemis and fights Una and the other three columns in less than five minutes.

At the conclusion of Mai-Otome S.ifr, she is dismissed as Headmistress. It is unknown as to whether or not she remained a Column.